Preparing Your Home For Winter

December 3, 2010

As we drift into December there can be no doubt that winter is coming – well in this country anyway. So you’re going to put the heating on and use a lot of electricity and/or gas. But there are things you can do to minimise your energy use and I’m not just talking about insulation. Here are a few ideas to keep you cosy this winter.

An Ecoflap is something to stop cold air getting in you home through your letterbox. It goes on the inside of your door so doesn’t change the way it looks from the outside and it actually uses any draught or wind to keep it closed so no chilly air should get through.


Chimney pillow
A chimney pillow or chimney balloon is basically a bag that you inflate and place up the chimney to stop cold draughts coming down. It does allow a little air through and can also be bought with a tube to inflate it while it’s up the chimney to get the best fit.

Radiator booster

Draught excluder
Does what it says on the tin this. A draught excluder goes under a door to stop cold air coming through it underneath. It also works the opposite way by stopping warm air leaking out of the room you’re in.

Radiator booster
A radiator booster uses a small fan to better distribute the heat from a radiator into the room you’re in – meaning you don’t have to have it turned up so high. By stopping heat dissipating through the wall behind the radiator it means the room will warm up quicker too – saving you money and energy.

World’s First Building Made From Plastic Bottles

May 21, 2010

Taiwan is now home to the world’s first building made from plastic bottles – 1.5 million of them to be precise.

The EcoArk is an exhibiton hall and aims to draw attention to the poor amount of recycling in the country, New Tang Dynasty Television has more below:

Ten Of The Worlds Most Iconic Green Office Buildings

June 9, 2009

Ahoys Blog recently published an pretty cool article about the ten most iconic green office buildings. Most have yet to be built though.

From the site: “Despite tough economic conditions, large office complexes continue to be built in major cities throughout the world. ‘Green’ campaigners argue that such developments are inherently bad for the environment, and skeptics point out that by making sustainability central to their new office designs, many companies are simply attempting to offset their environmentally degrading activities elsewhere.”

One Westminster, courtesy of Ahoys Blog

Take a look here.