Biodegradable Cigarette Filters Contain Seeds

Written by Adam

With smoking bans in various countries leading to even more discarded cigarette butts littering the floor, that take 15 years to break down, one company has come up with a solution – sort of.


Greenbutts has developed an all-natural, biodegradable cigarette filter that, when planted will sprout a plant. Using patent-pending technology, Greenbutts are manufactured from 100% all-natural and compostable materials. organic cotton and natural de-gummed hemp form the filter body. The filters are then combined with a variety of seeds, transforming them into plantable cigarette butts that will sprout grasses, flowers, fruits, herbs or trees. Wheat flour and pure water bind the filter elements as they are spun together.

The San Diego-based firm is currently seeking investors and partners.


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