Heaven Scent Organic Tea Light Candles Eco Product Review

Written by Adam

Probably the most popular type of candle out there, tea lights are ubiquitous and seemingly everywhere in our house. So it was nice to receive some organic tea lights to test.

Organic tea lights

Made by Heaven Scent these unscented tea lights are handmade with 100% organic palm wax, are vegan, handmade and burn cleanly. And they basically work in exactly the same way as other tea lights. Although they look yellowish to begin with, they burn clearly and last a decent amount of time – about 4 hours.

They still come in the little metal holders that non-organic tea lights come in and there’s no information on how environmentally friendly that is or indeed the cardboard box it comes in. But as an alternative to normal tea lights it’s a step in the right direction.

And they’re pretty reasonably priced too. Heaven Scent Organic Tea Light Candles are available from the Scented Candle Shop and cost £3.59 for 24.


2 Responses to “Heaven Scent Organic Tea Light Candles Eco Product Review”

  1. Candle Supplies

    I have been making my candles at home and using paraffin wax. Is soy wax better?

  2. All Candle Supplies

    Do you think paraffin is better than soy wax since it’s cheaper?