Upgrade Your Old Computer

Written by Joel

Being a bit of a computer geek, I love to upgrade my computer as much as possible before buying a new one. Not only is it satisfying to see a slow computer whizz along with some new RAM, it’s also much cheaper and avoids the tricky problem of disposing with the old computer.

There are plenty of other good reasons to upgrade your current computer. Some facts from the lovethe1yourewith campaign (how to upgrade your computer instead of buying a new one):
– The energy required to produce a new computer is enough to run a computer for 10 years
– The energy saved by extending the life of your computer by a year could run it for 2 years
– Help put a stop to the 220 million tons of e-Waste generated annually in the USA

The website has some easy videos to show you how to add more RAM, manage process, refresh your operating system and replace your laptop battery. Not for beginners but you should be able to find someone who can do it for you if you’re not comfortable. They have a nice fun video too (embedded below).


3 Responses to “Upgrade Your Old Computer”

  1. Richard Millington

    Ha, great video, and good post.

    I think we’re getting to that point where the benefits of having new and shiney don’t draw the same awe as they once did. More importantly, the marketing of new computers, phones and a variety of other products need to be more aware. We can’t see any more “embarressed about your phone” campaigns.

    Instead, it should be about investment and long-term replacement. Many PC manufacturers might want to develop their business from selling the new, to selling repairs, great service etc…

  2. Joel

    Thanks Richard, the mountain of e-waste – that I admit I have contributed too – will only increase as the pace of technological improvements increases. Let’s hope some of those technologies are about dealing with the e-waste! You make a good point about PC manufacturers and it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Karma CRM

    It’s a great idea to become more efficient instead of wasting money and energy on a new computer. I think it’s important that we don’t create more e-waste when it’s possible to improve existing computers! Do people just not know how to fix up their computers and have to buy new ones?