The Minnie Mielie Bay From Adila (Just And Fair) Product Review

Written by Adam

The Minnie bag from Adila (Just and Fair) is (as the name suggests) the smallest bag in the Mielie range.

It’s made from discarded unused cotton and is described as: “Top zip fastening and compact proportions make The Minnie perfect for carrying your … ipod, blackberry, pens & pencils, make-up, jewellery, mobile phone, love letters, toothbrush? What would you carry in your Minnie?” What indeed?

As you can see there are a few different styles in the ranges, all with bright colours and the distinctive texture (se one of the pictures for a close up view). What they all have in common is how soft they are to touch, they’ve got a luxurious feel to them despite you knowing that they’re made from discarded cotton.

As the description makes many suggestions as to what you can use it as, I took a photo of one next to a pencil (scroll down) so you can get an idea of the size. And it’s perfect for pens and pencils – despite being well past school age. I even put a pencil sharpener and a compass in there. Why? I’m not sure, it just felt right. In fact it’s surprisingly big using it as a pencil case and you’ll be able to get lots in there.


However it’s no longer a pencil case, my girlfriend has commandeered it and is currently using it as a make-up bag, which, again, it performs well as. She uses for when she goes away in her overnight bag as it’s big enough to fit everything she wants in. And the zip is nice and sturdy with a bit that extends which may be to make the zip more secure but we’ve found handy for using it to pick the bag up in. It really is a nice little bag and not too expensive, I think it would make a great present for someone, especially the versions with the heart on.

The Minnie costs £18 and is available from Adila (Just and Fair).




3 Responses to “The Minnie Mielie Bay From Adila (Just And Fair) Product Review”

  1. si upik

    wow , thats quite creative. i like the concept of using such material.

  2. Adam

    I think there are similar products made with discarded lycra too. Probably stretch quite a bit!

  3. marina

    For more information on Mielie hooked rug products, such as the Minnie listed above, visit our new website, and daily blog!

    Thank you Adila, and Adam, for your great review and support!

    General Manager, Mielie Fashions, South Africa